Finally the first posts in Groveflow's e-book "Understanding the art of Communication" are online.
We have chosen to post the book online which was published in a first printed edition over 15 years ago.
The posts are made in a regular blog tool from the manufacturer Wix so that they are as accessible to everyone as possible. We want a conversation about communication and then we can not make it difficult to access what is written.
The first posts that are part of the first chapter Communication and Influence focus on fundamental thoughts on the subject of communication. We hope you find communication as interesting as we think it is.
The first five posts are:
1. What is communication?
2. Communication between people.
3. Communication strategy.
4. Communication theory.
5. Impact and Influence.
They can be read in any order you wish, but it can be easier if they are read in the order we have chosen to publish them.
The book will open in a new window
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