UI Design Projects from different periods Early 1990's until today

C Wear Warped web based cloud software for AR integration in existing production facilities. 
Client: C Wear Technologies AB Timeframe: 2018-2022
The web based system is designed with a Windows 10 scope even though the system is running in a Browser.

Below the overview of the project management tools built within the complete system. Further below the different steps in how to integrate AR system on a production facility is shown.
Step 1 Create Storyboard 
Insert Production step, fill out the Work order Instructions.
Step 2 - Set Workplaces
Build your workstation for each Production Step. Then add what AR tracker to be used
Step 3 - Design AR interfaces per workplace
Design and Define all elements in the C Wear Warped
Step 4 - Program Interfaces
Program the actions in each previous steps. Either by using Flowchart programming or by writing code.
Android Sport App's development
Client: YbotX AB Timeframe: 2019-2021
Snow Steady free ride Skiing and Back on Track Compass

Augmented Reality Interfaces

Designing AR interfaces is a complex task as it demands both the reality and the graphics to be shown at the same time. Graphics are there to enhance the task the person using the system is performing but should never completely take over the reality of the user.
Depending on the situation of the user one must be very careful with where to show graphics and how intense and overwhelming it can be.

For a person standing put on a position the graphics can be more advanced while for a person on a move or in a complex situation the graphics should be very reduced and simple.

The below examples was made for clients during the years 2005 - 2017
Operating systems : Different versions of Andriod, Windows Pocket PC and web applications.

Website development
YbotX AB 
YbotX is a startup that develops hardware and software in the field of personal saftey on for skiiers and free riders. For them I designed a onepager as a information of the company. 
Designed with Mobirise cloud software 2019
C Wear Technologies
C Wear Technologies develops Augmented Reality Technologies both hardware and software with focus on Human Centered Design. I did a information based website focusing on the company offers and ideology. 
Designed with Mobirise 2019
Groveflow Studios
My own Portfolio web page designed using Adobe portfolio 2019-2024
Penny - we AR able
Built with Adobe Muse between 2014-2018
Penny AB was a company that was in the forefront in the development of Augmented Reality Glasses. Penny had its focus on building hardware and its own mobile computer in partnership with Intel in USA.
Futureyes is a management and leadership company that i worked for as a freelancer between the years 2003 to 2012 designing book covers, illustration, all marketing communication and the framework for this website.
Designed in Dreamweaver and coded in Visual Studio Html and java. 2012
New Travel Website

Designed in DreamWeaver and Joomla 2009
La Tapita Tapas Restaurant & Nightclub Website

Designed in DreamWeaver
Tidningsutgivarna Website

Designed in DreamWeaver, 2007
Big Band Flåsett Webpage

Made in Html anc CSS
Software development
Eyescube 7 from Futureyes
Cloud based Software for Corporate Process and Objective Management

Designed with the intention to follow the new Windows 8.1 interface
2011-2012 Futureyes AB
BMS Broadcast Media System from BCC
Software for Edit of 24 bit Sound. Main window, EQ and Dynamics 

Designed with a dark Windows XP skin to function in control rooms at Radio Stations.
2003-2004 Compressed Media Solution AB
GiroGuide for Windows from Postgirot
The first Graphical online banking software system in the World.

Designed based on the Design Guides for the 'latest' Windows 95 Operating System.
1993-1996 RTG Real Time Graphics AB​​​​​​​
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