​​​​​​​Groveflow® is today a registered trademark  of C Wear Technology AB. The brand has been used by the company founder Mr Erik Lundstrom for his different design projects since 2004. The Grove and Flow in the brand is the same as Lund and Ström in the sir name of Erik's so for him is was pretty obvious name to use for the design projects he had so long put his soul and heart into.
Since 2017 Groveflow focused a part of its operation on recycle of physical objects (peoples trash) making new design features for office spaces and home offices. Therefore the flow in Groveflow got a dubbel meaning to it. The aim for Groveflow is to get different type of creative people to co-operate in design projects using Groveflow as a collected name. 
Groveflows customers cover a wide variety of companies and size.
A couple of our customers for whom we worked with over the years. Many of these customers wanted a full Corporate Identity with logotypes, marketing materials, business cards, colors, typography while others only want our services in digital Illustrations, a website, company photograps, a rollup or a booth design  or even a painting for the company office. Our wide variaty och knowhow enables us to support our customers in many different ways.
Groveflow Customers 
About the Founder Erik Lundstrom
Communication is a word explaining Erik Lundstrom complete competence. 
Serial entrepreneur with a noteworthy experience covering cross sciences. I am an Enterpriser, Innovator and Designer starting at a very early age of 13 years old with my first business. As long as I remember I've been working in different design projects, not only with clients but my own projects in the backyard of the family house.
I am graduated Graphical Designer with an academic degree as a Production Manager. 0ver a period of 30 years I worked in many different constallations. 2004 i decided to use the name ESMP for all my freelance work and in 2017 I changed that name to GroveFlow as it today more reflect the type of projects I am doing. 
Since 2019 I have started one business, been acting CEO for a startup for 12 months and taking the role as Creative Director for a third Tech startup.
Between 2005-2019 I was one of two co-founders of a deep tech company within the field of Augmented Reality. We invented many of the theories and patented many design features seen in AR Glasses of today. My work included everything in the company and many times i found myself in many different design roles. Not only graphical but the real stuff of designing the products to be sold.
C Wear AR Glasses is still today one of the worlds most advanced and lightweight AR Glasses. This technology allows integrating 2d and 3D graphics, positioned in reality, to assist and help users wearing the glasses. This product is taken over by my new company C Wear Technologies and for whom Groveflow designed their new profile.
I was a early bird in this field of resarch and had one of the worlds first AR Glasses to be presented to the world in 2007, presented to corporate leaders of companies such as Google and Microsoft in 2008.
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