Westrose Turfers Digital Representation
Westrose Turfers is a online Digital Bicycle Orienteer club in a Digital Bicycle Orienteer app called Turfgame. To be a member of Westrose Turfers you have to use the app in the city of Vasteras (Westrose) in Sweden. 
As for the goal of the app; Members of Westrose Turfers compete every month of being the one got hold of most orienteer zones, taking them as many times as possible and keeping them for a long time before loosing it to any of the competitors. That means that a Turfer bicycle many kilometers each month.
The Logotype
The first draft of the symbol I focused on including the letter W as well as a physical rose. During the process, this changed to instead using both letters W and R and putting them together so that they could form a stylistic image of a cyclist. To support this image, I chose to add a line underneath in the form of a handlebar from the front.
I wanted the text that makes up the logo itself to focus on the concept of "Turfers". I chose a the font Aviano Future and tilted it a bit to the right (italic style) to  shows strength and forward movement.
The text Westrose is centered above the text Turfers and is set to the same width as the handlebars in the symbol above. It is set in the same font but with a lighter cut.
We twisted the M shape from the old coat of arms, took a modern design of the rose and made a tilted version of a letter W to create motion.
Westrose Turfers use a Facebook Group as their own clubhouse and for that a Facebook banner was designed. The images in the banner is what turfing is all about, its hard and tough and its a combination of all other well known bicycle races, MTB, street and cyclocross.
T-Shirt Prints
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