Graphic profile and logotypes YbotX AB
YbotX is a sport tech company for free ride skiers. 
The company develop technologies adapted to users skiis tracking their own movement and the qualtiy of snow beneath the skiis. The company onw AI software analyze snow quality and sends out optional warnings to a cloud server and all skiers in the area.

When designing the logo it was mine and my customers idea to use a main dark color that could be applied to the icy cold climat in winter time, a more icy color and a distinct warning color.
Corporate logotype and Symbol
The corporate logotype has a bold design and a typefont specially designed for the logotype. The symbol is designed obviously to look like a mountain with a huge pack of snow on top of it. The orange color is used to detect that this is where the company is active and without the company product it can be dangerous to be there.
Product Logotypes
Alongside the Corporate logotype the company wanted us to design Product logotypes for their products in the making and future products to come. Our aim was to follow the same image from the company logotype but use a typeface not so bold.

The product logotypes are in a Sticker and in a badge form. Stickers will be added to the product itself while badges is to be added to packaging to prove a product is a true YbotX product.
Profile images Company Moodboards
Illustrations, Product and Software Design
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